Saturday, September 22, 2007

The colors!

Hello there... I am now trying to get back to work... giving myself projects... remembering how much I love all of this...

I am currently having a problem with posting my images... the colors are not coming out as vivid as they actually are (and sometimes not close a tall)... if you know how to correct this problem please help me out. Feel free to comment with any input you may have to correct the situation...


you're the only fish in the sea for me...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


For the Love of...

Logo for "FOR THE LOVE OF..."
.Colors are not correct. Real colors here.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

You are the paint on my canvas, the color that makes me shine, you are it all...

My last project at the Fashion Institure of tecnology. I wanted this project to mean more to me than any other. My last semester was the best semester by far. I had great friends, and finally found the style I think fits me. I didn't want tlo just do the project to do it. We had all the freedom in the world, which was good and bad (but mostly good) and I wanted to take advantage of it, and come out with something spectacular.

I wanted this project to mean something for me for the rest of my life.

Although I do not normally work digitally, it was definately neccessary for this one.
I wanted to illustrate quite possibly the best part of FIT, the people that I grew to love.

Noone could ever understand what we went through, but eachother. We are forever connected through the struggles, the ups, the downs, the bs...

Some people say we didn't go to "real college", and although we may not have had to take as many written exams, we were tested everyday, and we did it, we supported eachother, tested eachother, challenged eachother and did it together.

So, for my final project at the school that helped make me who I am today, I wanted to show the people that not only grew into my classmates, my best friends, and my competition, they grew into my family. We may or may not celebrate holidays, and have dinner together every night, but these people are more like a family to me than anything I have ever had.

So this project is dedicated to them. The Illustration Graduates of 2007.

When everybody loves you, you can never be lonely
I will paint my picture
Paint myself in blue and red and black and gray
All of the beautiful colors are very very meaningful


I wanted to explore a different area of Illustration with my next mentor project. After a wonderful presentation by William Low on Larry Days work, I was intrigued by storyboards, so I contacted Mr. Day and got an assignment. I though I could do it, and I still think I can but I feel like the ones I did may be a little too stylized. I think maybe they should be more realistic, and more straight forward. I think that all of the panels on their own are successful illustrations. The background definately is too much, and I plan on changing it, to send the focus back to the foreground.

I like the characters I created, maybe I can take them further...

Silent Spread...

The story I choose was extremely short. One line per page, if that.

I wound up making two spreads wordless.

In the second half of the story, there is a character named Katie, so I wanted to introduce her. So I tried to have just an entrance scene. I think it was successful in the idea, and the drawing, but maybe the color lacks a bit.

Blue Bananas Continued...

Line reads, "I'm Artsy"

First Full Color Spread

The line reads, "I use my mouth to moisten it, and give another try."

This could possibly be my favorite Illustration. Although there are some faults, I think it was successful in composition, color and I feel as though it really shows the style I like to work.

Blue Bananas

The Mentor class definately helped me to find what I should be doing. Although, it was not what I planned for, I wound up doing a book dummy Fall '06 semester. Janet Pederson wound up saving the day and working with me on a project. I wish I could have been in contact with her more, which was my fault, not hers, because I found that it was too difficulty to send her all the pages as I got them done. The project, I believe, was successful, but due to some illustrators I contacted letting me down last minute, the time restrictions I had became almost unbearable. It was a great experence, staying up late, getting up early, setting goals on how many pages needed to be done by which day. Ofcourse I finished, because I will never miss a deadline, but it was definatelt a stretch at certain points.

I fell in love with the characters I designed, Bobby and Katie, so I decided to continue the project past the book dummy, and did a finish fall '06, and two more Spring '07. I am now working on a 4th full color finish, and I hope to do all spreads in full color eventually.

The story is about a child who, from drawing BLUE BANANAS has made his marker run out. Its cute, and short, and was perfect for my purposes.

Just Another Sketch...

So a wonderful professor of mine told me that although he loves what I was doing in my sketch book over the last two semesters, he thought that I should try to have my sketchbook coincide with the work I was doing for finishes. So I began trying to do that. Less lines, a bit less realistic, more like the characters in my projects. I just love this woman.

Friday, May 4, 2007

First Blog.. what should I show?

Ok, I have been saying I was going to start one for a while, but the procrastination had to end. I figured... I don't sleep anyway, I may as well check something off the long list of things I want to do before graduation. Here I come!

Here are just some old sketches, I'll post new ones eventually.